Overview of Jizhou District

        Jizhou district of Ji’an City was established to be a district based on the revocation of county-level Ji’an city in August 2000, where is the political, economic, and cultural center of Ji’an City, covering an area of 425 square kilometers with 43.5 square kilometers built-up area, including 5 towns, 6 Sub-district Offices, 89 administrative villages and 36 urban communities. It has a total population of 346, 000 people, where the urban population is of 211000 people. Jizhou has a long history with more than 1660 years, also known as “ Lu Ling” in ancient time. It has been made goverance site as a county, prefecture or province in the past. It enjoys rich tourism resoures for revolutionary background, ecological and folk culture and long history.
        Jizhou district is located in the middle of Jiangxi Province and the middle reaches of Ganjiang River, as well as the common hinterland of Yangtze River delta, Pearl River delta and Southeast Fujian triangle, boasting a complete infrastructure, developed and convenient transportation, such as Jingjiu railway, national highway 105, Ganyue Expressway, Quanbi Expressway, Ashen Expressway, connecting the East and West, South to North, and leading to all around the country.
   Jizhou, 240 miles far away from the international airport of Nanchang and 40 miles far away from Jinggangshan airport, forms a full range of cross and three-dimensional traffic pattern, reaching all around the country.
   Jizhou has formed the traffic pattern of 1 hour flight or 6 hours drive to the economic circles of 8 peripheral provincial capitals. Those economic circles take up more than one third population of China, creating more than half of the GDP in China and possessing an industrial product consumption potential of RMB 12 trillion Yuan.

  • Zhangshan New area

            The Planning area of Zhangshan New area is 28 square kilometers. China urban Planning Institute was invited to do an overall plan for this new area, together with the west of Jishui County, which successfully implemented the integration of comprehensive planning on Golden Zhangshan project. The internal public facilities of this new area are becoming better and approaching perfection. Kindergarten, school, general hospital, country park, HOPSCA, trade center, Tourist Terminal Service Centre are all under construction. The transportation is pretty convenient with less than 5 miles far away from Ji’an downtown, a quarter driving to Ji’an railway station and 40 miles far away from Jinggangshan airport. This new area obviously enjoys geographical advantage with three flourishing Industrial Park of Jizhou, Qingyuan and Jishui around, thus, it will definitely gain the popularity smoothly.